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Important Lake Conway Estates NewsPlease click on the tabs below to see updates from our Executive Council.TRESPASS WARNINGBREAK-INS INCREASETRESPASS WARNING In response to an alarming increase in trespassers—non-member residents and non-residents—at our lake lot, facilitated by a small number of restricted-key-holding LCERA members, residents are advised of a Trespass Warning Authorization which has been set up with the Belle Isle Police Department. Of necessity, a procedure is now in place to address illegal use and abuse of the LCERA private, members-only


READY TO JOIN?We Make It Very EasyMembership dues cover the period of September 1 through August 31, annually. Payments received by September 10th, before the annual meeting, will reflect a $25 discount off the annual membership dues. Payments received after the general meeting will reflect the full membership dues of $150. Membership dues for residents new to the neighborhood may be prorated.Meet Your NeighborsLow Annual FeeAccess to Lake ConwayAccess to Tennis CourtsPayment Methods If you prefer to pay by check or