Lake Conway Residents Association ``LCERA`` will provide an estoppel letter with the current owner's financial standing, current membership fees, and list all future special assessments.
Step One

The fee for the preparation and delivery of the estoppel form is $125.00 payable to LCERA at closing.

Step Two

All questions and estoppel requests should be submitted to [email protected].

Step Three

Mail the payment and any membership fees to:
LCERA, PO Box 593242, Orlando, FL  32859-3242.

What is an Estoppel Letter?
An estoppel letter is a legally binding document that certifies the amount of money a home seller owes to the Residents' Association.
Prior to closing on a property, a bank or lender is required to receive an estoppel letter from a Resident's Association to determine if there are delinquent balances owed to the association.