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Membership dues cover the period of September 1 through August 31, annually. Payments received by the date of the annual meeting, will reflect a $25 discount off the annual membership dues. Payments received after the general meeting will reflect the full membership dues of $175. Membership dues for residents new to the neighborhood may be prorated.
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Please click on the button below to read the rules and regulations, then download and complete the required Membership Agreement. Once complete, please email it to [email protected]

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If you prefer to pay by check or if you are interested in joining as a new member, please send an e-mail.

Paying Via Stripe (credit card)

The use of this Stripe feature is intended only for Lake Conway Estates residents paying their annual membership dues.

LCERA Annual Membership Dues

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Annual Dues:
Paying via Stripe includes a $5 convenience fee for a total of $180.
If you have paid and not received your access card or sticker, please send an email to [email protected] or call/text 407-602-4994.